House of hiv survey


Next May it will be 40 years ago that the first person in our country died from the effects of aids. Since then, there have been many community initiatives that have protected, informed, cared for us and championed the interests of people living with hiv and their loved ones. Many initiatives are a thing of the past; others are still active.

House of HIV

A collaboration between seven community organizations is working on an exhibition about the stories behind 40 years of hiv and aids community initiatives in the Netherlands. This exhibition will be created for and by the various communities affected by hiv. We are currently busy doing archival research, interviews, conversations and fundraising. We already have a name for the expo: House of hiv.


The making of this exhibition would not be possible without the input of people who have experienced the hiv epidemic up close and those who are still dealing with him today. We would like to ask you to complete a short questionnaire. It will take you a few minutes to fill it out. Many thanks!

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On behalf of the Prostitution Information Center, Trans United, Black Queer Archives, Mainline, IHLIA, Hiv Vereniging and hello gorgeous.

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