Wanted: Actors for an unique project about hiv stigma


The World Aids Conference is coming to Amsterdam in July. Right in front of Rai, the venue where it takes place, visitors and passerby will be able to participate in our ‘Stigma Experience’ about hiv. You can be part of this unique art project!

Interested? Great! Because we’re looking for actors and peers who want to help shape the project. If you’re not Meryll Streep: no worries, the emphasis is on enthusiasm more than experience.

A first meeting will take place in the weekend of June 9 and 10. We will explain in more detail what the project will be about and invite you to share your own ideas and experiences. Ultimately we will create a set up in which visitors get to experience what it is like to be living with hiv. From diagnosis, fear, ignorance and prejudice to positive aspects such as resilience and empowerment.

We’ll need a part of your day on eight occasions. The introduction is at June 9 or 10 and is open to everybody who is interested. If you indeed end up participating you will rehearse on June 23, July 7     and a final rehearsal on July 20. From July 23 to 26 you will be performing on two to four dates of the actual conference.

We’re looking for a diverse bunch of enthusiasts (male/female, younger/older, Dutch/non-Dutch, hiv positive/hiv negative). The performance will be in English. It would be convenient if you live in or near Amsterdam but if you don’t then we will reimburse travel expenses. Also there is a modest compensation for participants.

Still interested, do you have questions or are you eager to sign up right away? Send an e-mail to Róman Luijks via info@hellogorgeous.nl and include a short motivation.

Much looking forward to seeing you soon.

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